Website Audit Enterprise Level

For whom would this be suitable? 

Typically the larger business that has a significant brochureware site selling professional services, or a significant e-commerce website, or websites that need to grow into this level by engineering content and better understanding of internet marketing principles.  

This for example could be:

  • a company with a new target market (UK or abroad)
  • a company with a large brochure style website that sells services rather than products
  • a company that needs to know how to use their CMS more effectively for marketing purposes
  • a company that needs to have better keyword research in place
  • a company with a website having over 150 pages
  • a company with a website that sells goods and takes payments internationally
  • a company website that sells goods but needs better structure in the product level categories
  • a large website that is not intuitive or is difficult to navigate though
  • a website that is not reaching its target markets
  • a website that does not attract a proportionate amount of relevant visitors
  • a website that does not convert a proportionate number of relevant visitors into sales
  • a website with little analytics information to profile the visitor
  • a company with aspirations but little understanding of page relationships and how to set landing, goal and funnel pages

There are again many factors that govern the reasons why a large website does not perform as well as it could as they become evermore complex to manage.  Unless there is management team in place that demands that performance reports are fed back (as they would with sales target achievements), then the productivity of the site remains invisible. Even with an in-house website marketer in post, few individuals take or are given responsibility for ongoing research, profiling, targeting, measuring and improving leaving it vulnerable to failure by varying degrees because it is seen as an invisible underperformer. 


The Website Audit Enterprise Level goes into much greater levels of depth and investigates the reasons for non performance in much more detail than the Website Audit Intermediate Level. This is the complete blueprint to ensure you have the best chance of success. If you wish to proceed with this Website Audit Enterprise Level, then you should CONTACT US and after we have discussed your requirements and aspirations with you.

We will send you a Self Diagnosic Form for completion and return to us electronically for assessment. This is the source document that allows the education and change implementation process to start. 

We want to help you be more successful with your aspirations by giving objective and meaningful information and advice - it is certainly worth the modest investment you will make and it will open up your thinking to match your expectations. 

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