Website Audit Health Check

In web marketing terms, there will always be things you can control and things you can't. One thing is for certain - unless you know the difference, you'll spend most of your time guessing. It's always easy to be critical even if that is not the intention but what we don't do is set out to be destructive - instead, we offer information that is constructive, current and forward thinking.

What don't we do?

  • We don't develop websites - there are many great developers out there that can do the job. 
  • We don't tell you how to market your products as part of the audit process - instead, we help you understand the importance of Internet Marketing and the way it differs from conventional marketing thinking.
  • We don't sell you advertising campaigns - we help you to help yourself by understanding how to do it better.
  • We don't affiliate ourselves to website developers - we are truly impartial.
  • We don't want to alienate you from your developer - quite the opposite. 

We take an open view that says we want to help the developer too - of course they need to want to come on board for this because ultimately, if they know more, they can most certainly help you to be more successful. If they don't step up to the plate, the choice of what you do then is totally up to you.

So, what do we do? 

There are very few truly impartial services such as this in the country - we act as the 'buffer' between you and your developer/marketer to make sure that you have a sounding board to run things past before you make what is often a very costly investment in something you may know very little about.

Within our industry, we are known as plain speaking and honest appraisers because we challenge what you are doing and what your developers are doing to make sure you are getting value for your money but we don't stop there - we help you to understand how to direct your wishes into actions and help you achieve your ambitions for improving your online sales.

This is all about Online Business Development.  
Search Engine Optimisation used to be a 'black art' - it is not simple, but nowadays it is quite logical and there is much you can do for yourself if you know where to start. There are many things you can do to take control of the online destiny of your business, making your site perform better in terms of prominence and relevance - the two main areas that govern the eventual success of what you are trying to achieve.

Even in saying this, search engines keep refining and redefining what is important to them and affecting the ranking of your site.
Our Web Audits give you a blueprint for what is current best practice and where your site is failing or needs attention in pretty much all ways.

Our intention is to help you to understand how to gain the knowledge that will assist you in taking control of your site's potential.

Worst case scenario; you may need the complete site redeveloped because it is just not capable of having anything worthwhile done to it - Best case scenario, you will be able to put many changes into effect at little or no cost that will make a difference within a few weeks.

Our Website Audits come in three layers of detail, with associated costs on application:

Basic level
Intermediate level
Enterprise level

There is one to suit your needs and budget and without doubt - you will gain a significant level of additional knowledge that if used, can start to generate so many additional opportunities in the UK and International markets that you will be able to measure, manage and (if all else is equal) convert into business.

We use great industry great tools that help measure what you are doing but we will also show you a selection of these tools (and how to use them) so if affordable, you can help yourself.

Ours is a self fulfilling redundancy role - we want to help you and then let you help yourself. We do not want you to be dependent on us but we are always here when you need us the next time.

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