Web Page Authoring

To make sure your pages can be found by the right audiences, each page needs to be authored and tuned correctly and to do this effectively, you will need a content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit a number of areas on your website.

The first place to start is by having keyword research carried out. This is something you could do yourself with the right tools or contract with us to do this exercise for you. The tools we use however are generally too expensive for smaller companies to use so it makes sense if you are serious about geing rankings that us use a company like ours to help you through the process.

The number of keywords and phrases you need will depend on the number of pages you want to optimise and the costs will vary accordingly particularly if we are tracking your performance against your preferred search terms.

The book below is recommended as a good starting point and shows great ways of understanding and implementing more on the subject of developing Keyword strategies and to buy it, just click on the image.

You can also get a FREE trial of the Wordtracker tool by clicking this image - this is recommended too as it gives you a real insight into the words and phrases in actual use.

Page authoring is something you can do yourself but remember that writing for the web differs from conventional writing and, your CMS needs to allow you to edit the following:

Page Title Tags


Sub-headlines - important as search engines see these three areas as defining the theme and topic of the page.

Keyword stuffing - beware of this and the problems it can cause and follow the guidelines if you are planning on doind a DIY job with SEO.
Over and above that, you need to focus on Landing page strategies and be prepared to keep the site active by changing general content on a reasonably regular basis on indexed pages.