Search Engine Optimisation

Many businesses believe that getting free (Organic) traffic from Google is a complex process requiring extensive manual labour.

This is in fairness true for those who know nothing about how to go about doing search engine marketing or on-page optimisation.

The same businesses also believe that Google's algorithms are "ultra-complex", containing literally "hundreds of millions" of variables that can't possibly be understood by mere mortals. This in part is also true if you take this literally.

These businesses also believe that ranking well in Google is beyond their skill set, and best left to professionals - this we don't totally agree with.

There will be some things that relate to SEO that do require a little bit of 'technical tweaking' but most people assigned to look after their website can, with a little bit of training manage to achieve ranking results for their company's website.

Here is an alternative reality to consider...

According to some of the SEO Gurus we listen to, it is their considered opinion that Google doesn't have "everything figured out" and it is believed that Google's algorithm is based on 3 simple and easily manipulated variables.

Want to get your site ranked? 

It's actually fairly simple...(who said that!) - well, it could be depending on how much knowledge and skill you have. There is a minimum task list you must be able to complete to keep your website afloat and growing.

Just figure out which of the 3 variables Google is emphasising and then, tweak your strategy accordingly and watch the traffic flow like water from a fire hose! If it is done correctly, the traffic should also be relevant - a most important tactic to follow!

So what are the 3 variables?

Quality Content, Quality Inbound Links and Measurable Activity.

Is it really that simple to get your site ranked?

Some SEO professionals just want you to believe it is difficult to get ranked so they can charge you ridiculous sums of money to "optimise" your site whilst promoting almost exclusive use of Adwords. 

There are some SEO 'professionals' charging business owners abnormally high sums of money for their services and claiming to get pages to position 1 page 1 on Google for small number of specific search terms. This part is easy, particularly if the search terms you choose are not ones that are actually being searched for - BUT, when you start looking at the 'value' search terms, then this process gets a little more complex.

You can also help things along by:

  • Making sure you follow the Google guidelines in best practice terms
  • Using a quality product to research your Keywords
  • Considering your Page Title tags and Headline tags
  • Considering your URL-tails
  • Having Google Analytics in place to help you measure success and results
  • Having patience and being prepared to adapt... It won't happen overnight but you will see the changes

SEO considers a number of variables such as Page title tag, URL and Tail, Theme and Topic of each Page, H1 and H2 tags and careful use of keywords and phrases on each page.


We can help you to understand and implement changes that will make a difference.  Contact us to discuss how we can help you.