Prince 2 Project Management

Without good project management skills in place over full or part lifecycle, many project elements are left to luck and chance with no-one taking responsibility for planning, budgeting and managing all the dynamic issues, risks and aspects of a project that can change.

This can cause slippage in terms of time, money and resources leading to projects running out of control.

We use this project management methodology when we plan and run our Website, IT and Marketing projects as well as our events. We also provide interim project management services to clients as a short term solution.

Even with good project management in place, things can always go wrong because projects are dependent on many factors including correct initial planning and scoping, suppliers, risks, issues and circumstances beyond your control but as fully qualified Prince 2 Project Management Practitioners, we are able to share in your workload and assist in the planning, scoping, detail, issues and associated risks that can cause project slippage.

There are many areas that need to be considered when developing a project from the initiation stage, to team selection, specifications, budgets, suppliers etc and nothing should be left to chance.

We are also experienced in scoping out projects and writing Invitations to Tender - an element that is often seen as unimportant because this process can slow down the start date of a project - unfortunately, this is a fundamental cause of us being asked to intervene and assist at a later stage to fire fight problems that could very easily have been avoided by scoping out what was actually required and committing partners to roles, responsibilities, deliverables whilst dealing with reporting structures and other key process areas.

This process also assists with scoring of responses and with supplier interviews (where appropriate) and eventual supplier selection prior to commissioning.

Small and medium size businesses tend to be reactive in their decision making due to lack of time, lack of resource and lack of knowledge. This is not a criticism - it is an unfortunate fact.  So, when companies warm up to the idea of Project Management, the results are likely to be more productive, to budget and on schedule.

We will help you understand the parameters of your project and we can either manage it for you during full or part lifecycle or be there to give assistance as and when required.

Let us know what you need and we'll be delighted to quote for services.