Keyowrd Research Analysis Service

What use is your website without using the right words?

Your website is not just about giving your customers the information they are looking for, you must also know what words your customers are using when searching for your products or services. This can be of particular benefir in terms of the 'long tail'.

150,000,000,000 - That is 150 billion!  This number comes close to the volume of pages you are potentially competing with on the Internet - so - what makes your site so special that search engines will want to present it on search results pages?

Competition can be fierce depending on your business sector but there are ethical and legitimate ways to promote your site and relevant pages effectively.

Your home page is the last place you want your customers to land - think of your own experiences - how often have you entered a search and landed on a page you thought was going to give you what you wanted, only to find that you then need to search through the site to get what you originally wanted to find.  Frustrating and annoying are expressions that come to mind - how tolerant are you when this happens?

Find the Best Keywords for Your Business - Take a FREE trial from the link on our home page to identify valued words to help develop a landing page strategy that allows your customers to land where you want them to be and be able to buy what they are actually looking for - not necessarily easy but nevertheless, this is a very important part of your customer's experience of your website.  

You need it to be good because visitor expectations are high and patience and tolerance are often low.

For organic searches (not advertiser results i.e. PPC - pay per click) to be effective, your pages need to be tuned to match relevant keywords to show the search engines that your content is relevant to searches being made and that page can then be presented high up on the Search Engine Results Pages. 

Your aim is to be on page 1 of Google.  A higher aim is to have each of your landing pages on page 1 against searches under which you want to be found.

Keyword research is an integral element of initial planning and you need access to appropriate tools to show the relevance of searches and to allow you to broaden your thinking.

We can help with this and give you numbers of choices to consider.  Information architecture is the first stage in planning as this is likely to help you with the structure of your website and how the customer is expected to complete their journey through to purchase.

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