Internet Marketing

We want your website to be as successful as you do but things won't happen on their own so you will need to spend time with us understanding the work that is needed.

For a moment, consider your website as an employee. 

Would you hire a salesperson and just leave them to get on with the job without direction, targets and performance expectations?  Would you expect results from them?  Would you just wait until someone else told you how they were performing?  Of course not!  

So why, when your website can be such a powerful sales tool, do you not treat it with the same management requirement and respect?

Your website doesn't need a car, a computer, a phone, an expense account, a customer contact list etc etc...

What it does need is direction, management and understanding of techniques to deliver expected performance and become your most successful salesperson.

Remember that unlike conventional Push marketing strategies where you will be working hard to attract customers through advertising or mailshots.

In search terms, you have the product - your market is looking for you - the only problem is that you don't necessarily understand the Search marketplace and how to optimise your content to match relevant search traffic.

You will always have choices:

  • You can do nothing - not recommended
  • You can pay someone to do all the work or outsource the service - nothing wrong with that - provided that you are sure the agengy/employee knows as much about your company and your market as you do.
  • You can learn what is required by carrying out some joint research to see what is working and what is not.  There are many pitfalls you can encounter when paying someone to market your site for you.

It is so easy to guarantee a number 1 position on Google when you are using words or phrases that no one is looking for - so you need to know that there is relevance and demand between the searches being made and the products or services you are selling and how to optimise pages so they will be presented in results.

It is always best to talk to us before deciding on the next steps.

Depending on the type of business you have, many marketing channels may be needed to reach your audience but the cost of acquring new business can be significantly reduced with a sound Internet and Social Media Marketing Strategy and the necessary skills transfer to make sure that you have the in-house knowledge to manage and direct your website's effectiveness.